Monday, June 30, 2008

stealing is shameful

i just saw someone fake.
and I know she's a fake pathetic kid.
Cause she steal a picture of my cousin's and edited it with words so it look like hers.
Yes, i know stealing photo's is almost normal on myspace. But duh, get a life. Your famous because of someone else's picture. That is LAME!!
here's my cousins link:

And here's the bimbo's. Sorry for being harsh. I hate it when people steals another people's identity:

now here's the picture she copied:

And this is the original:

this is ija. her name is ija.

For god's sake its only a picture taken from a phone cam. Its not like its being done professionally.

Okay so that's the end of this stealing thingy. People, Dont ever steal people's picture.
Especially when you know you'll get caught!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Searching for the French music history before baroque please!
and Im currently listening to Go! Go! 7188's 浮舟。haha.
That girl rocks. Ow, I forgot their names.
Okay, my current worry, can I get my assignment done?
well, frankly i think i can.
And frankly, I have nothing to write.
i got a new laptop?
Dell, to be exact. And i love the sound system. haha.
ow yeah, currently listening back to all of Marilyn Manson's.
So yeah, no new photos.
Uh, I went jamming at a new studio in... uh.. ampang?
i dunno. don't quite remember it. But the studio's way too nice.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the case of undivine nonsense

in life, you may want things to come your way and go as you want to. never in a glimpse you realise that you have no power neither the ability to write your own path. People say you colour your own world, write your own sins, follow your own path but few of us know what we have, what we will have, what we face is just a journey long written. and we are the players with absolute zero power in determining what role we play. I may say, i once said, my future is my own practice. What i feel, how i see things, that's just the type i was created. how many confidence i have in any category of life, it's all been written. The only difference is getting it fast or delaying it. the more you work, the more satisfied you get and that's just it. That is a good reason for why the poor is poorer and the rich gets richer. The power of greed, i may say is powerful enough to make a monster out of a white cloth. a melancholy beast that arose from human's tempted will. For everything that happen in here, is handled by each one of us. So, to be frank, we have no rights actually to blame no one or accuse someone. For its their life and our life is written. It just came to me, that no matter how aching it is, i have nothing to use as my defence