Tuesday, March 24, 2009

music people

My very good friend recorded her materials yesterday and put them up on her myspace. I'm proud of her to have finally taken her step ahead in her goals. I'm proud of all my friends and family. They have made the very best out of themselves, and I am proud to have been one of their thousands pillars. So here goes their link. I liked their songs so I hope you'd like them as much as I do to. This talented dears of mine really had me of my feet for a while with their acoustic sounds.

Safia Atira's music: www.myspace.com/safiafamily

Mecha's music: www.myspace.com/mechanmusic

So hey, indulge =)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

staring through

a blank face. a puzzled face. eyes that stared so deep it choked it's beholder to minutes to end. eyes that glare but sees nothing. lips that churn but swallowed a vacuum. Expressive facial muscle but undetermined by nature. the sound of air was heard, yet no breathing took place. A live body but a dead soul. Strong knees now unused and folded. Feeble and vulnerable with no lust to walk nor stand. A scream that fades in a tick no ears could detect. A visible wound camouflaged with skin. Ears that listen but no words made through. A sense to touch, yet nothing felt. An urge to breakdown, but couldn't, wouldn't squeeze its way out. Adrenalin that shoots straight up, held back by the leftovers of sanity. An image of a searching, lost little kitten. An image derived from the peace and chaos that were fighting for a place, a space in the little, timid body. A perfect picture of an insane outburst.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

photo tags

Kak Aisyah tagged me using one that needs me to pick up a photo from my sixth photo album. The only deformation is that, it doesn't exist. I only have three albums and the rest are scattered for my easy-viewing. So here's the offspring of your tag :- a list of my favourite photos with a list of my life's VIP.
Fav photo of mom and dad.
Taken during the visit to Strawberry Farm in Korea last year.
I prefer a photo of them holding new-born me in their arms. But I couldn't get the photo scanned to the net :)

Fav photo with sibs.
Also in Korea.

Fav photo with cousins.
Snapped during Aina's birthday celebration in Curve.

Fav photo with friends.
This was Kutthroat on the way to Melaka.

My favourite family photo.
This was Raya last year in my grandparent's house.

And this has always been my favourite self picture
Macx took it on the rooftop of Carefour

So there. My precious photos shared. This moments aren't repeatable so this photo helps me remember and reminisce the times I've had with the people I love.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It's 2.40 in the middle of the day. I'm still in bed. Bathed though and had my breakfast, which to me seem a little too awkward. Since if I'm at home, I don't eat until it's almost dawn. But yet here I am, in front of this screen, with ears filled with sound waves of Poison's Talk Dirty To Me. While my eyes, they cant stop glaring at the Pet Society's pet going back and forth. If you put it together, it looks like my pet and Bella's are dancing to the song. It's calming. Like watching the tiny ballerina figurine inside your music box dancing to the classic piano tunes. This morning I attempted to play Donnas's Fall Behind Me. Again, I was aspired by Staind's acoustic song, which I vulnerably forgot the title, and found myself a new tune, unfinished though. While I was writing this, I was talking to Tira, I somewhat miss her presence. The air isn't as the same colour since she left college. Unseemingly, I have nothing to update and talk and blurb about. Nothing as intersting than a result slip awaiting this Saturday. I guess I'm going to take my dose of lets-do-nothing pills until I got back to my senses. Or maybe I should take one of those placebo just so it could lie to my brain and tell me I'm perfectly fine and active. :)