Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wolves on the hunt

Okay so you get the message. spread the words. Shewolves wants you.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


A day out with cousins has always been my favourite. Yeah, me, my sister, Ija and Sara went with the heels and dress theme to One Utama yet again. I'm driving this time so it's pretty different from our previous outings. And there were the craves, and temptations for (read as fast as you can) Gladiators, Heels, more heels, a bag I wanted to replace the existing, tones of dresses, BIKINI, which I want for no reason at all, the lingeries, accesories- from earings to beads and plain nothingness, t-shirts, jeans. Owh, and the emergency case of super glue to mend our heels. My feet are badly in need of rest.

But it was fun, the only thing we were lacking were money and time. There were the gossips and the talking and the mind reading that says "I saw what you saw but I saw it first so I own it" -in a friendly manner and absolutely zero heart scratch. I enjoyed it much. Very much. Isn't it a breeze to see how much we have grown, and how our bonds grow with it. I would trade them for nothing, nothing at all. I realise I have deeply fallen in love with these angels, and they are never worth my tears. Because I would never want to or have to cry for them-over them. How I caress myself, that would be the only way I would caress them. They came up with a story.

Wouldn't it be fun if we live next to each other and we could borrow stuffs and give them back any time of day. And would pack our bags and leave when we fight...stop... we never fought. We don't feel it's worthy as the love we build. And that's how we live. That's how we know how we care about each other. Yes, I am glad I have all of you as my family. Much love :)

P/S: Send me photos please those who have it :D

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eid 09

Eid again. Since it's raya, I'm going to blog in Malay. Setahun skali je. And first time ever on blogspot kot :P

Raya best gile!!!!! On raya eve, we, the girls... (comprising me, mama, teefa, Ija, Sara, mak lang, ucu n nenek) were all day in kitchen. Sarah masak rendang...(while complaining about minyak terpercik terpercik) ija... oh Ija lari to KLCC. Nenek mesti lah iron chef kan. Tukang command. Me and mama were doing our ultimate raya sandwich cake. Every raya mesti ade. U guys kne datang rumah rase. Sini je ade, orang lain xde. hehe. Oh and nenek made lodeh just for me. haha. bangge gile. nenek risau sangat orang ni makan tu, xmakan ni... semue die ingat. Wahh.. nenek you're the best cook no doubt. Rendang ngan lemang orang meniaga sebelah tu pon kalah :P (betul orang sblh bg rendang, none of us makan. haha. ok fine, cuit sikit). And I kne marah..

Sarah: potong la cantik2 nnt nenek marah.
maklang: potong lurus2...
mama: potong kecik sikit, macam ni. xpayah cantik2 nak makan pon
me: ha? macam ni ok?
(bile dah siap potong carrot)
sara: ha kn da ckp nenek nk cantik2. haha
and so fina decided to only focus on the cake dan hal yang tak melibatkan potong memotong.

lesson to learn: to many cook spoils the broth

Okay so all of us were very exhausted that night and me and ija had an early sleep. so whatever happens lepas tu kitorang xtaw la. but I know they ate the cheese cake ucu bought.

anak2 dare siap je dah lebih dari 2 jam. Pak ngah and co. dah smpi since subuh lg. haha. lambat gile kitorang. And it's sad that I left my iron at home, so rambut hari raya... not straight, thank god I had it cut. And ofcourse it's a tradition in this family (this starts since Pak ucu ade canon) to have family photos. Tahun ni xde gambar Haji Nasir and co. la. Pak ucu xbuat self-timer. lol. so yeah... Indulge lah gambar-gambar ni

Meet atok and nenek. They're marriage ages 52... comel lg diorang ni. Bukak puase pon nk due2 je... xnk join kitorang :D

Meet mr. photographer, Pak ucu and his family. Ignore Aliff (the boy in blue). Die memang hyper hari2 yang ramai orang :)

This is Pak Ngah's family. Diorang paling awal bangun. Subuh2 dah sampai. Right trisha?

Meet Mak Lang and her kids. Yes, she weighs less then me. I think

And Here's Mak long's family. My family. We go along with the 'Go Green' campaign. aha.

Yeah, and Here are the grandaughters of Haji Nasir. Sorry Aina you takde. You sampai lambat la..

Okay so then we all went to sungai tua. Dulu unyang ade kat situ... and then we part ways to meet the rest of family friends and saudara mara before meeting back at Ulu kelang. Except pak ngah they went back to Kuantan. The next day was a stay-at-home layan tetamu day. Sampai malam. Me and Ija tibe2 ketagih nak makan Ikan kerisi sambal, kesian time kitorang nak makan je dah tinggal sikit gile. Kitorang macam anak kucing tak makan seminggu. Sarah tido sampai malam sebab sakit perut.(Be reminded here die tak mandi dr pagi :P)

Okay so the next day we went back after going to nek ucu's open house. Somewhere near Bangi.. Because after that dad went to visit his friend/cousin (im not sure) in Bangi. haha. Siap boleh sembahyang kat surau seksyen 3 lagi. ade satu rumah lawa on the way. hee.

So today was Shah Alam's house visiting day. So we went to ours, nek andak's and nek teh.And then raya di SACC. Pastu sesat One Utama. Gare2 nak cari prom dress tifa. Which she found and costs more then any dress/leggings/jeans/shirts i ever bought. RM300???!!!! Takpe my future's bright, I can see me borrowing the dress. hehe. Lepas ni boleh mintak mama sponsor my leather pulak lah. hehe. Pastu makan kt Fish &Co. I think my newly gained weight of 38.5 tu dah naik balik jadi 40 kot. or more. Err, actually before I started writing i have this thick funny incidents tapi dah gelak sendiri dah lupe dah which one's which :P Next time maybe.

Oh here's one last photo of me, tifa, sara and ija before zooming to One Utama with aunties. You can't see the face but I still love this photo

Yeah, thare is one major dissapointment this raya. WE didn't get to see THEM whom we seem to seek each and every raya. Where have you guys been hiding? It's not like we see you everyday. Cari kat Lim Kok Wing nnt. haha. No serious, aren't you gonna come see us or let us come see you like you guys did every raya? Betul tak Sarah? haha.

Friday, September 11, 2009


After two years of blogging, this is finally my 100th post. When actually, I've typed in more. But they got rejected by my dashboard and some stays unpublished to my liking. Life has been a breeze.

And to celebrate this episode of peace comes exhaling the rusted coil that has long separate the beauty of life, I cast rejoice to the love that finally won the war.

I put a totem, for the petals that fell dead will remain memories of the new-birth and be reborn.

And the scars that marks itself eternally, will be a reminder of the cause.

And the enemies bound like parasites will never be neglected but marks as hazardous to the healing soldiers.

And I present the rest to the undertaker, to bury the sorrow and fears before the sun sits down upon its knees.

I vow my prayers. And hope He knows my appreciation and apology.

Apology, for I once neglect the creator, when He never neglects his creation.

And the everlasting celebration, before more battles and rage shows, will be faced with courage at heart, and help from above.

And suffering at stake before savouring nirvana, is the only right way to live and to not take it for granted.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dawn of a new day

And every life starts when you open your eyes so early in the morning. Well I woke up a few minutes before afternoon. But I slept at 5 so it wasn't that bad. Then had a slight heart attack. blame my fingers for so-oh-willingly clicking that web page and getting drowned in excessive, unneeded deteriorated feelings. Resentment. But hey, it's only a beginning right? And I had my share of life and that talk I never thought I would get the chance to have. So everything is fine with me. And I believe more than everything now that god is being fair to those who are being patient and never gives up one's hope on Him. And my friends are being the pillar I need to stand still, to never push me aside and always making space for me. So I am thankful, that life has its fair agenda on me. And I know we have to make the best out of anything given. So life chose to give me a setback. And if the only thing I could do is patiently penetrate it, then I would give my best so. And since time can't be bent, then let it be mend. I would stitch it into a fine thing that will give a future helping hand. I learned, and still am. And the present tells me enough fact the life is beautiful. Embrace it, and it will give it's gift to you.

Friday, September 4, 2009


1. A song you never get bored of:
Velvet Revolver's Slither. It pumps your adrenaline way to the tip of your brain and makes it goes down like a roller coaster in you vein. I like the part where we can scream, "HEY!"

2. A song you listen most to at the moment.
Humanity. Because the world really needs more love. Seriously, random wars shouldn't exist and the innocent deserve their right to live and do their deeds.

3. Your theme song.
For the moment it would be, Girls Made Of Heavy Metal by Hysterica. I'm a proud supporter of all-girls band. Especially the rough and sexy :) haha.

4. A song that sends chills to your spine:
It has to be You Raise Me Up. my hair stands straight everytime I sing it in choir, like it automatically sends thousands of flying needles to your heart.

5. A song you love singing to:
I sing to the songs I know. But if I had to pick a favourite, I would say The Donnas's Fall Behind Me.

6. A song you wished you could sing and perform:
That has to be I Fought The Law, Big Dirty Band's version. Because Care Failure looks smokin' hot in the clip. And I don't mean the lady-like hot. I mean the rock version. But my voice sucks I know...Moving on :P

7. A song you're proud of:
Southeast Skies and Khianati Kejora. haha. Ofcourse this, it's my band's songs. It's SHEWOLVES.

8. A song you would put on your blog at this moment:
White Flag by Dido. Though I don't intend of putting any at this moment. But Dido's nice. I love Dido.

9. A song you wished you created:
I wished I wrote Looks That Kills. haha. Although, it obviously is a guy's perception of a girl. Who cares, I still wish it was me who wrote it.. ah.. the wish that will never ever come. Next question.

10. A song from your childhood:
You Gotta Be by Desiree. I think I first heard it from Dad's stereo. Since he loved the light 'n' easy station. But it's a spirit lifter up till today.

11. A song for Friday night:
Friday Night by Lily Allen. Hah, this was a good one.

12. A song you listen to secretly:
Doesn't make sense but.. I secretly love jazz. Oh now it's not a secret. It never was anyway.

13. A song you're listening to:
Desiree's You Gotte Be. You know I used to think it was Shania Twain's song

14. A song you never thought you'd like:
Die Mannequin's Happy. Did I? Nah... I've always loved rock songs. and the 90's and the 80's and jazz.

15. A song to describe you:
I have no idea what song would be able to describe me.

16. A song on your phone:
Rusty Nail made famous by X-Japan. It's my ringtone. After I changed it because the previous ringtone was similar to Mecha's and we got confused on whose phone is ringing :P

17. A favourite live-performed song:
I have a few, but I love Guns'n'Roses live Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll. I think it was performed together with the Chinese Democracy uncompleted album... wait... I think so. I'm not so sure.

18. A movie soundtrack:
How Do I live Without You, the theme song for Con-Air. The movie made me cried. What? He was so determined to see his wife and daughter.

19.A song you would listen before you go to bed:
Leaving On A Jet Plane. It's nice to have some calm tunes that soothes the earbuds before leaving reality and stepping into dream world.

20. A song you would always remember.
Selena's Dreaming Of You. I've liked it since I was 7.