Monday, March 29, 2010


Who needs the world when I have you
Everything revolves, while everything's on pause
Everything surrounds, everything ignite sparks
Everything evolves, yet nothing ever changes

Even the ferocious beast rest its desire to kill
Even the eye of a wolf lays docile and warm
Even in sullen I found solace
And all predicaments gets erased

Everything stands tall, everything flows
Everything chirps, and howl and chimes
Everything muddle, yet creating serene
Even a roar sounds perfectly fit

I ain't no poet, not trying to sound sweet
It's only rapture embracing, enchantment, enchanted.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moon Child

Finally, Shewolves has a demo and we've uploaded it on myspace.
For those of you who have never heard of us, Shewolves is a female dominated heavy metal band from Malaysia, and I really mean female dominated, the only way we're performing with a guy on stage is when one of our she wolf had an emergency. Most likely you would see us heavily influenced by other legendary female bands such as Girlschool, Vixen, and list of others. We're also heavily sedated under the sound of Motorhead and Kiss. Some of the songs we've performed includes those from the listed bands, Megadeth, Shima and the boys, and The Runaways. Check us out here for videos and our own songs:

Beware what stalks you in the night, Beware the Shewolves and her bites

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It's almost rare that you see girls going out without nothing in their palms. Almost always, they'd have a handbag of handful things, that some would say (usually guys) "why can't you leave those stuff at home? Trust us, we tried, and failed. Whatever's in our bag is a super life saver, without it, we could get asthma attack. Well, here is, out of randomness, the list of stuffs girls would usually have in their bag, and in case you're still wondering why, here's a very logic explanation to go with it.

number one. tissue. Well it's rare that I have it but my bandmate Abby always has it. Come on, we need tissues all the time. I'd usually have it in my car. Proof: my dearie claimed for tissue yesterday to wipe of his eyeliners after photoshoot. IMAGINE if there were none, you'd be wiping of shirts and skins. Very very acceptable to have tissues in bags.

number two. eyeliners and lip balms. OBVIOUS REASON: Look at the weather now. You need lip balms to avoid cracks, and oh well, it's just necessary for me to have eyeliners to avoid raccoon eyes.

number three. hairclips. I should be appreciated for carrying this mini item with me. You need it every meal, because I won't want my hair in my mouth, I want the food in my mouth. And I hereby declare, proudly, that he would almost always ask for hair clips too. So I'm not the sole to blame. I rest my case.

number four. Safety pins. You never know when you need it. In my case, I always need it before gigs, to pin bits of clothes over here and there. And come on, safety pins are weightless.

number five. paper chunks. That is never our fault. We love keeping stuff. I mean, who knows right? If you suddenly need to jot down things, Well you could use the eyeliner to write on the paper, instead of hands. I know, alright, there's technology, use the phone. But I notice it's almost all the time, when you're on the phone and someone tells you something important and you need to write it down, you'll go, "someone please take this down". What if there is no someone? Paper chunks it is.

number six. bottles of toiletries and stuffs. Some would bring perfumes, some lotions, hair serum. These are handful stuff. We could wear them at home, and leave the bottles there. But it's always better to bring some, and I mean some stuff. Like lotions. Crucial needs. And sometimes we love promoting to friends. We're just being nice. Right girls?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

night lights

If there is anyway to ease, I'd find myself a pair of wings.
Fly myself to see the city skyline.
Indulging the night lights and fireflies.
Watch how busy they are on their two feets,
in the night markets and the seaside
Edging tall buildings,
of which in may lay a story of another.
Then after I would fly myself,
to a red brick building, to the very top
Where as I child I used to play,
behind the bushes and the ladybugs,And I would lay my back on the grass,
and take a deep breath of the after rain,
Let it down my throat, let the brain interprets,
Put my coat on and walk the pavement.
Feel the bits and pieces in my very sole.
Go along with my feet's own desire.
Until it wears out, and takes themselves to a comfy cushion.
Behind the fire place, behind lines of glass.
Watching the skyline, from far, from my eyes
From home, from the light's embrace.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mauve machines

Because I had done all my works last week, I have lots of free time this week. So I decided to browse on my dream cars. Well ofcourse, Caddy would always, forever be part of it. But here are just the new additions.
Audi TT. Alright fine, I have whino to thank. He introduced to me this car. I discovered purple :)
Well, but he's seen it on the road. And I haven't. Why him? Why not me ? I'm the super freak purple loverT_T Probably because I might get too excited I would hit the car, or stalk it.

And this is the most recent addition.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Of a week

This week is like compressed gas in the smallest tank you could ever imagine, placed in the highest temperature possible. This week is explosive suicide. This week is everyday assignments, meaning, clipped eyes on the laptop, googling and yahoo-ing researches and copying sources, eccetera. Group meetings, classes, which is non-avoidable. Fine, maybe I could, but informations are crucial here. Then there's renewing my license, which brought me to waking up at 0730 with maximum 5hours of sleep, mark that down, MAXIMUM. Usually it's less, considering I always take time constructing dreams and rummaging my mp3 lists. Then there's guitar practice, which I try to squeeze in everyday and band practice which is also a wee-bit above danger line. Since my foxy drummer had to work, we had to train a new one to replace her on this Sunday's gig and I missed yesterday's practice because my license's dead and I was dead, energetically.Is that a word? Well but everything better than nice requires hard work right? So I'm gonna go for it.