Friday, May 11, 2012

Stop and stare

We face liars everyday. The good ones, the bad ones, the labelled ones, even the ones you thought were never capable of doing such things. But you know what's the worst lie to face? The lie you had to hear when you already know the truth, the lie that came out from the ones you love. People would say, leave him if you're not happy, leave him if he treats you that way. Leave him. For what? So he would think that he could get away and go breaking other people's heart? Sometimes people forget that a bruised heart hurts more than being attacked by a thousand arrows. No don't leave him, because you know you can't. Because you secretly wish he would change, because you keep hoping that one day he will love you as a whole. The future never told. You don't care really about his dishonest act, you just wanted for him to spell it out.
There's never a relationship without cheating, there's never a relationship without lies, but if you love it, and if it is worth it, stop it, before you lose the most beautiful relationship you could ever have.