Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Strut it

The way people dress is never really a big deal. As long as they dress appropriately. Ofcourse it would be weird if you wear bikinis to college. NOW THAT IS WEIRD. If it's only people who happens to be strutting styles different than you but nevertheless still applicable for public institutions, than that is life. Plus college says it's okay as long as it's within the rules. Sandals, boots, sneakers they're all shoes. Dress, torn jeans, studded belts, skirts, vest, thery're all clothing. and they are accepted in all places. Well, unless it highlights there it don't. Red lipsticks, dramatic eyeshadow, cherry blushers they're all make ups and college never say make up is prohibited. If you want to look like a drag queen so be it, it really is your choice. Plus, being a student in my college for two years now, I am totally aware that the way we dress are diverse, and the students make the college looks like a game of fashion. It really is that way and it looks good that way, brings out the life. So seriously, comparing high school and college is a big no-no. Who does that? Ofcourse it's a big difference. If you want it to be the same, opt for STPM. It's a better option if you love criticizing people so much. Hay-down, sooner you'd still have to face the fact that individuals are plain different and unique. The way they dress more or less tells a story of themselves. It's not the public's fault if you're life's a bore despite being rich. Wait, most private college students, do come from rich families. So there. Criticizing people's way of defining themselves will never make you look more civilized or smarter. Seriously, those crazy smart people with brains the size of tank, don't care about how they look. So why criticize? It does make you look cool...if you're a fashion police who has been in the industry several years. Since you're not,
stop judging and start accepting.

I am a normal college scene
Welcome to college ex-highschool-er.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am pretty much excited on doing everything. Yes, I have set my goal that high and my energy at maximum storage and my spirit, they are soaring. Last evening, I was practically counting seconds to reach home after college. First on mind, guitar. I wanted to practice so bad on my scales and getting it improved.So got everything settled, plugged in and went to hit the lights. Lights-out, dead fluorescent. Perfect timing. Yes I depended on mom's table lamp which gives the worst headache. Then decided it's annoying enough and went for my photo assignments. Searching photos on the internet- I had fun, going through pictures of bands and everything I can relate to heavy metal, music. Today, decided to give a head start on mass comm assignment, magazine articles. Went to Revolver, only to realise there's lots of interviews, but none suitable enough to summarize and make use in my assignments. So guess I'd have to hit the bookstores tomorrow, or maybe just rummage through my pile of old magazines. So much for wanting a head start. As lot articles as there is, I still stand by my tight jeans and torn shirts which says, "Im a heavy metal head". And so my assignments would represent them as much possible :)My photo assignment is going, on limitations. My camera is between basic and advanced it just don't have both the basic features and the advanced one that I need to complete them. Also need to borrow a DSLR for another assignment. Talk about time management, they just won't let me.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

At par and sharing


Human should respect each other and there's a way to talk to people and there's right, decent way to warn.Do it right, and you'd be surprise at the outcome. Also, it's just the fact that we live under the same sun, the same sky, and evidently inhale on each other's breath. People should be treated at par and given the same chance to shine and grind. Because we all fall, and we all stand tall, and we don't want to be blamed by others for their lost. I'm not serving mankind, they can never be served. Not without drowning in the storm of the seven sins. No, I'm just serving myself. That and my responsibilities, and the loved ones dear to me.


Here are some quotes I like from a few songs I've heard, some of them really whack the hell out of me. Geniuses are they.

"When you're high you never ever wanna come down" - Guns n Roses, Welcome to the Jungle

"Why can't I steer the ship before it hits the storm, I've fallen into the sea but still I swim for shore" -Skid Row, In a Darkened Room

"Before you tell yourself it's just a different scene, remember it's just different from what you've seen" - Stone Sour, Through the Glass

"If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change" -Micheal Jackson, Man in the Mirror

"You don't have money or a fancy car and you're tired of wishin' on a falling star, you gotta put your faith in a loud guitar" - KISS, God Gave Rock n Roll to you

The last one, has got to be
"Beware what stalks you in the night, beware the she wolf and her bites"
-Megadeth, She wolf

Monday, January 11, 2010


Currently having my ears bandaged in headphones, thumping to these:



And while doing that, am trying out for a new song for Shewolves. Send me some inspiration, send me in the wilderness. Send me in for the hunt.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

troubles tails

Oh, troubles just love Shewolves. When we were about to record and finally nail down the date for studio, it went pretty occupied. Which just means another delay. And I was psyched out about it from last week. Shewolves and obstacles, sticks like a glue. So incase you think we're a bunch of monkeys. Think again. We are dead serious, but last time, last year, recording got delayed because there was bussiness talk involved. And we succeeded playing Houdini and escaped. This year, we just have clashing schedules and there's not much time for meeting and when we could actually gather, there were just no vacancy. Last night it was the bashing. Oh if this is ever over, god you've got to make sure we make it well. 2010, not a good start. But we'll see what the rest of the year brings. OH and I haven't stop cursing just yet

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Old and Wild

Since college decided to reopen a week later than I thought, I had plenty of time to browse through bands and rediscovering records I had left dusty in my brain wicked tunes storage. So here goes my list of current band I've reloaded to my eardrums, and needless to say they're nothing new, they're as a fact some old 80's recordings which by far are still wild.

Iron Maiden.
(gotta love 'em they're the shit)
Motley Crue

Phantom Blue
(these women kick balls)


Skid Row

I can never grew tired of any of these people. Although as for now my song lists would've been those of Helloween, Crashdiet and Faster Pussycat. Well most of the songs are, I could list more but that would go a long way. And hey, who could ever forget this:

Who could ever forget these boys during their youth.

P/s: If you don't like any of them, then I'm sorry we just live in a total alienated world

Saturday, January 2, 2010



Yes it's finally it. Well I realised that I've spent the whole first day of the year in bed. Feeling bummed, and suffering from heavy eyes disease. The dark actually attracts me more then the bright light. And as for new year's eve, I didn't get to spend it with my wolves. Which is quite sad. But nevertheless it was fun. This year's celebration, to me is far better than last years'.

Oh well 2009, thank you for the good stuff.

As for resolutions, I'm not going to make one. My only deal is to graduate. And to take my wolves far ahead. Far as possible. Im not putting lines or expectations. I think that would be my new year's resolution. To not have borders and expectations. But to just work as hard for everything related to me, for my music, for life. Yeah, I'll push it all out limitless, and won't decide the prize. I'd leave that to my strength and anticipation. It's more fun to live that way. I will for sure be better, but yeah we all know hassles like burning up a high spirit and that there are never smooth roads. But I've decided to put myself up to tests and be content for long as I can.

As for tonight, Im just tuning into Skid Row and every song related to the theme of living life.