Saturday, April 18, 2009

the destroyer

the letter of vengeance.
Get over it! Our result were out a month ago. If you would so love to send notices, you would send them a month ago. If you so love to tell student to sweep their ass of their sluggish sit, you should've be more aggressive about it since medieval. I fail a subject. I never failed for 2 semester straight. I failed for the first time. Everyone falls. I am not a robot and I am not your pioneer. Do not aspect me to be one and don't cry your veins out when I don't live up to your dreams. I live up to my sole dream. He fails, she fails, they fail, everyone fails every once in a while. Don't make us sound like losers, because i swear on your kneeling knees that you would be the one to talk about us when we have our own monarch. We came, we learn, we made mistakes and learn more. That's the reason we came in the first place. If we were the great masters, we would have launched our own training temple. Thank you. Your kindness is much appreciated.

Yours truthfully,
Someone who is LEARNING.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Daisies sways like oceans waves. The scent of after rain. A welcome so pleasant you forgot the rushing subway. A stand to toss the winter coat. A cup of coffee and fresh-baked cookies. Waiting, to calm your impulses. A door set ajar, a mat to dry the wet feet. a rocking-chair with new cushions. A fireplace that burns bright. A sofa so soft you almost feel like falling in, bean bags of colours to jump in and off. A warm carpet for body comfort. A bed with clean sheets, with pillows in place and comforters stretched and the teddy bears awaits to be squeezed. Walls of calming colours, the shades of caramel. a stereo, a walk to tuneful melodies. The television, they forecast the memoirs recorded.Neon light from across the street- found its way to inside the hall. through a series of windows, with the blinds half-opened. Just a jumper and socks, or maybe a pair of cute-faced furry slippers. Enjoying the dawn before the dusk seek it's responsibility. Wouldn't that be enough for a moment in time? A chance to escape hectic city. Wouldn't it sound lovely?