Monday, August 4, 2008

surround beings

I love being around people that thinks about others.
They are always passionate and though I am nothing compared to them, as I can be selfish and self-centered sometimes. They make me feel calm for the fact that world still has tolerance, they tend to make me self-reflect.

I love being around goofers.
When they talk, no matter in what way, people laugh and they laugh with them.
Giving me the comfort to forget every tied-up knot there is.

I love being around hardworkers.
Though I am not as hardworking, they tend to have a positive impact on me.
For that I am willing to do more just to be more.

I love being around silly-smarties.
These kind of people are smart but not nerds. Meaning, they understand the words I say and I understand theirs. Plus, they rarely talk trash and things that are too unimportant to care.

I love being around people that loves to talk and listen.
They always lit up the environment, but never annoying. they know when to stop and listen and just the right time to talk.

I love being around people with so many experience.
May be the elders, or a young kid, or any normal person. When they speak up of an adventure, they are living it again and bringing you with it.

I love being around people that mind their own bussiness.
because they always tell me to mind my own. And never interefere with my private little space. They are also the ones to make a better feeling. And is always the positive thinker.

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Who am I? said...

My darling, me too me too xP