Monday, April 13, 2009


Daisies sways like oceans waves. The scent of after rain. A welcome so pleasant you forgot the rushing subway. A stand to toss the winter coat. A cup of coffee and fresh-baked cookies. Waiting, to calm your impulses. A door set ajar, a mat to dry the wet feet. a rocking-chair with new cushions. A fireplace that burns bright. A sofa so soft you almost feel like falling in, bean bags of colours to jump in and off. A warm carpet for body comfort. A bed with clean sheets, with pillows in place and comforters stretched and the teddy bears awaits to be squeezed. Walls of calming colours, the shades of caramel. a stereo, a walk to tuneful melodies. The television, they forecast the memoirs recorded.Neon light from across the street- found its way to inside the hall. through a series of windows, with the blinds half-opened. Just a jumper and socks, or maybe a pair of cute-faced furry slippers. Enjoying the dawn before the dusk seek it's responsibility. Wouldn't that be enough for a moment in time? A chance to escape hectic city. Wouldn't it sound lovely?

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