Sunday, May 24, 2009

A thought

Woke up at 10 today. Well, a few minutes after it strikes 10. Woke up sleepy. But had to do it since if i don't mama will use her ultimate power of talking some sense on me :P We went for breakfast and straight to the mall. Ofcourse, needless to say, the most exciting part is that, everything is free. aha. But i told myself in 10years I'll be the one paying it all up for them, since they've given me more than enough. Yeah, I think parents made the greatest sacrifice.(Trust me, even though they nag when you ask for money, they will eventually still give it to you. And eventhough they have their hours crunched with works, they'd still make time to pick you up from wherever you are or just to help you with your work. And no matter how relentlessly tired they are, they would still sit on the couch at night waiting for you to come home safe. Well I know my parents does these things I wrote)So in conjunction with the everything-will-be-payed-for, I bought myself a Motley Crue DVD (yes I did! I wanted to buy KISS as well but oh well. next time maybe)Then I bought this white Los Angeles sweatshirt and a girl's boxer (Mama pays too) I bought it because it was pretty (as in my definition of pretty- unique and exquisite and rare and pretty)and it was less than RM30. Then my sister willingly shove her ass into Momoe with my mom and me following along. And then I saw this fine black boot-designed sneakers. I just took a peek, observing it actually. Then mama looked at the price. The pair was less than 50. A fine, pretty (yet again) and not expensive thing! Mama asked if I wanted it and I don't say no to the things I love :). But I asked her if its okay since I've spend quite an amount. She said, it's not like its always. And now i own the pair of sneakers.(If there's something I notice about my mom, when she's happy and she starts spending, it's kind of hard to stop, she will become so generous(:I got that attitude too from her)Then we went on for groceries and sushi.

So me and my sister bought some stuffs. So does my dear little brother. He bought himself a dumbell weighing 8lbs. which is heavy. and some ankle weighs( I dont know what they call it, but it's suppose to strengthen your leg ankle, everything) He's building up, toughening up. Yeah, my brother has grown. fast. I remembered like it was yesterday when he used to wake up early in the morning and become the newspaper fetcher, When the newspaper is his size, his height. Now she already has a girlfriend whom she's excited about. He busted in the kitchen with a happy face while I was cooking myself dinner just to tell me about it :)(cousins, if you're reading this, this stays between us. not a word to the uncles and aunts and grands or he'll be so pissed. aha)

Yup. as for myself, I'm growing too. My sister joked during breakfast, saying I'll no longer be a teen. I'm 20 next year. Yes I am, Uh.. I am (Eventhough I won't be 20 until November next year). That is so close to adulthood. Somewhat scary. But, it also means closer to my dreams. I hope. But I'm confident I am getting closer. Since the day I got Dinasour beside me, my dreams just seem to paint themselves one at a time. Yeah, he gives me confidence. and hope too. I guess god is treating everything fairly and life is treating me oh-so-fine. But I think god would still let me swallow some bitter, and salvage some lost, so that I don't get too high I forgot the Almighty. It's a good think I don't always taste sweet. Because eventually if you taste it all the time, the sweetness would fade, then the taste bud will not receive the delight. Just like how human can't always be happy, I like it that way. Because they make me appreciate, and self-reflect.


Aina said...

aww, amjad is radiating hotness :P ahha. my brother never tells me stuff -_-"

saraosman said...

amjad has a girlfriend ?? like seriously ?? HAHA. i cant imagine him with his gf. u totally got to tell me all about it and show me her picture =D anyway, we do grew up fast. it seems like it was just yesterday when we were building houses with the cushions ;) and now, here we are, almost finishing school, in college and preparing for universities =) i love our family muchh !!! ^-^

afinatales said...

aha. yes he has. nnt i'll show u her pic. yup, i remember the cushion house. and the milo in the bicker atok made us all. i love us too :)

Syaza said...

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