Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another college Offer.

I got another college offer today.
Putra Intelect College called me.
Said Im one of the 200 people chosen throughout peninsular Malaysia.
I dont know if i should be impressed or not. Well, it does say i'd get a job immediately after Diploma and that i could get a loan.
Wait, Im sure to get a loan. According to the guy that is
Well, I didnt accept it. It's about security management.
In other words, I'll be working in the corporate world. Sounds cool.
But i wouldnt wanna be dead saying I worked hard and rich.
I wanna be dead knowing my music reached people. Even if it means sufferings and hard times.
So i ditched the offer. I chose Music. I chose to be at Segi.
I chose to widen up my knowledge on music and seeking opportunity in it.
I'd be far of happier if i can be rich by music, or atleast just live by it.

So, I chose music. But it was a funny call. Since the guy told me if i could have a bright future in music.
to the guy, HELL YEAH!! Im gonna Fuckin enjoy my life with music. And im not just another teenage who just wants stardom.

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