Monday, February 18, 2008

new guitar>.<

i got myself a new guitar.
but i still owe my mom rm300 tho.

but i'll work it out. the main point is that i got myself a new treasure. A beautiful one tooo.... Seriouly! It's a cort btw. And its cherry in colour. haha. Or so that's what they call it. But its beautifulllll. And gives a melodious sound too. lolx. Yeah, its true. Ive been playing with it non stop.

Fine, i did stop to get my breakfast, watch a tv show, and doing some of my chores. And the job my mom gave me and writing this blog. Lol.

But i got a new song!!!! haha. not complete yet. In progress. And this comp keeps popping out antivirus protection program-o.

Did I mention?? My band got a new bassist, one that sings well too. haha. So one more should complete the band. Or maybe two.

And i fell in love with Mana. From Malice mizer if u have no idea who he is. I love his violin skills.
N yeah, I got to play jay chou's Qing tian already. hahaha
Still waiting for An jing. And there's a few new songs from him. I dont know, the soundtracks of Kung Fu dunk.

Ow yeah, here's my new guitar....

1 comment:

+MecHa+ said...

haha,should mention ur bassist's name though.Do I know the person??

Nway,awesome guitar dear~~~