Thursday, November 5, 2009

brief diary

November it is...
the countdown now begins. To my birthday, and recording, and a lot of things I've been looking forward too. Though I don't plan of giving up all my hopes to those. For these past times thinking, I've decided,
no personal story of my love life would be written on blog. I've noticed it has gained more viewers and comrades than it should have. And I mean this in a negative way. So whatever happens between me and him, will not be displayed in any style, form, art in here. Well, maybe a little. The part where I express my thankful being and such. However I'll be talking about my other love instead. The one that could really use the publicity. Shewolves. For a start, we are going back to ground zero and decided not to depend on our 'sponsor slash mentor'. We are raising money for Southeast Skies recording and hopefully another new track as well. So yeah, those who have been with us, we thank you. If no other obstacles occur and everything runs smooth, we will release it by the end of the year hopefully. Please bare.

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Syaza said...

I changed my Blog URL - =)