Tuesday, December 22, 2009


to have walked and to walk never really bares the same feeling. to have been through and to go through would always differ in a big way. The path will always gets tougher, more ragged edge and feisty thorns, hidden claws and hungry cats. Trust I know, for big things to happen, big obstacles will lay between them. But faith and strength don't come together. They don't grow together, they're built, and sometimes they shatter and collect ones individual self again. Sometimes insanity visits, doing what it knows best, being the moss in the once clear river. Just sometimes, it's the moss that makes it look beautiful, giving out it's crystal gleam, but most of the time human despise them, for the beast they made out of pretty river. Most of the time, they use shortcuts, toxic sounds good, toxic sounds fast, toxic kills everything. Yet not many of us see. There is no shortcuts. Not to the good things. And I would want to go through it fast. But that would just mean I'd have to put on my boots and sneak in a little bit of strength every now and then and just walk faster. Wolves run fast. Wolves howl to let themselves know they're alive. Wolves hunt and they don't quit. It's the only way they know how to survive. It's the only way human knows.


Ede said...

why do u blog?

afinatales said...

because i love writing. and sumtimes you cant express what you feel to people. they either dont care, dont get you or get bored, you blog?