Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Rising Sun

meet my mini snowman. Did it with my siblings.

It's been three days since my arrival back home. Attempted to blog on Japan yesterday but ended up deleting it since I read what I wrote with a heavy heart. I am my own critic. Thought of making five blogs on Japan, one for each day but I think the words abandoned the bus from Mount Fuji just because they didn't want me to write. Obviously, I've lost interest in writing about it. Not that it wasn't fun. Too fun until I jumbled up on every explanation there is.

Japan wasn't as cold when I arrived. Or maybe it was my lack of sensory organs at work since I did not get my intentioned sleep. But Universal Studio did wake me up. Especially the Spiderman ride. No, it ain't no ordinary kids ride. Brief explanation, did you watch Spiderman II? Where the sandman or venom uses the school bus as the bait? It actually feels like that. Like I'm on of the kids in the school bus. Except there's more villains pointing they're trademark attacks and you actually feel the heat of the fire and the water splash, and the fireball, they shoot straight towards you. If only you weren't dragged away by the guy's web, it actually feels like hello grave. And the web dragging, it's feels exactly like web swinging. I felt like I'm stuck in some superhero act which is super cool except for the part where the monster let us fall from an 80 storey building (maybe more) and all you could see was the fountain below and the building you're falling from. Thank god for web, yet again. So Spiderman saved me >.< it is that way.

It was six and dark when we reached the first hotel. If love hotel was said to be beautiful and romantic, this hotel would fall on second place. Did I tell you? the toilets have seat warmer. and you know the Japanese they like backscrubs? The bathroom was made to have one, with basins and scrub towels. And the shampoos and fash wash, was Shiseido branded. Finally, after two days of sleep deprivation, I got my hot tub bath and a good night sleep. Second day to me is okay. I like the scenery we were visiting but too many temples are really not necessary for me. I'd say only the first one's a must since that's when I got a glimpse of a small shop in many shop lines selling Hide's item. Yeup, for a fan I took a long time wandering which ones of them I were to buy. I mean, it couldn't be much a difference they're all Hide's but it's hard to choose one when you want them all. Drag myself into a music store. Found X-Japan's cd but I can't seem to find Show-Ya's.

So third was a visit to Mount Fuji with a brief stop at the volcano. You reach top, it smells like stale egg refrigerated for a week. They did do the egg bussiness up there. You see, the Japanese believe if you eat one egg that's cooked in the steamy water of the volcano, you won yourself seven years to live. Then we went snow fighting on Mount Fuji. Guess what? I get the snow thrown on top of my head, and practically I was bullied :P but that's okay cause I had fun.

At night there were the onsen, we dressed ourselves with Yukata for dinner (which includes the big crab legs) and went straight for onsen. Additional fact, nobody's allowed to wear any material on their skin. So you're a hundred percent naked. Don't get too excited. Boys see boys and girls see girls. No crossing. The outdoor onsen, is as beautiful as heaven, very refreshing too. Imagine diving in a 41degree water when the temprature on land is negative one. I would take picture but I'm just not the one that would post nude photos online.

I think the fourth day was the three hours ride on the bus and a fifteen minutes ride on the bullet train. Bullet train-very fast. Everytime another train went by, it's like a rush of air and that was it. It's like your mind lag information sending when they're functioning just as they should be. Went to Ginza which to me is like Park Avenue. Five-storey buildings of Channel and Louis Vuitton and every other high-class brand you can think of. Oh there's this one fact I forgot, there's no bike in Japan except for those big ones. Those super bikes and Harley are probably the only ones of it's kind to roam the street, or atleast the city streets. And they've got hot rides parked by the sideways like it's some kind of cheap car. The parking-elevated most of it. Not the ones you'd see in here. My Audi TT is everywhere! Hey and the fuel station, the tube it hangs from the ceiling. Very amusing to me, atleast =D

Last day there was Disneyland. I think I liked Universal Studio more than Disneyland. We were there from eight to five but I think I only took on 5 rides. Because the queue was approximately an hour. For each ride. And I hate fast pass, they make us on stand-by wait longer. Some how out of all the rides my favourite was Micro adventure. I got shrunked and they make you feel that way. Kinda thrilling.

Yeah, then there was the flight home.
I would do more of explanation. But I have no idea how to sort them out.


eff said...

hollyyyy cow,u went to japannn???

afinatales said...

yea i did. last year :)