Thursday, April 1, 2010


If life isn't crazy enough, or just incase you're wondering how bad your day went, take a look at mine. While I was rushing (to some unforseen circumstances, and of which my brain failed to search the reason why) bare in mind that I was driving, and attached to this sexy mercedes, and.... BAM! I hit a car, I HIT THAT RED CAR INFRONT OF ME!!! There goes my free-of-hitting-people pass. So yeah, no more car for me, yet again. The best part is, I was sipping on lime sirap, one Que gave me for sending her, and ow yeah, because I was so unlucky, somehow, the straw hit my tongue hard, and you can guess, the sting is still here up to this very last letter I'm typing. Not to sound stupid, but I thought straws were harmless. Don't you think I deserve a day of peace? Well I think I do. Yeah people, mom came to fetch me, and I think I startled so hard I could almost pee in my pants. How could I be so ignorant? All for a mercedes? That's not even mine? No more mercedes peeking for me.

Yeah well, I did forgot to mention something else,

(none of what was written is true, I got home safely, no hitting, and definitely not giving up on mercedes)

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