Friday, April 9, 2010

Im not wishing

Yes, Im not wishing. These are just the list of things I want, and I aimed to get before I turn 30, which means I have a ten years duration.

Epiphone Futura, one of the explorers I obsessed on. Still want to have the jackson explorer signature series, and the PRS 25th anniversary Santana in purple.

This is the mercedes SLS AMG. I want it so bad. I need to have a mercedes. I've been obsessing over it since I was a little girl.
And this is the Mercedes R-class. I want it to be my band's official ride.

I may sound absurd and far-off lost in fairy land to you, but I really will make sure I work hard enough to own and deserve these beauties. Because someone told me yesterday, to just give it all out and to believe, and to act like a winner to be one. That's exactly what I'm going to do :)

Then you wouldn't call me a dreamer.


saraseyra ; said...

OMG !! i never thought that we have the same obsession towards mercedes ;)

i'm aiming to own a merc in 10 years time. hehe ;D

afinatales said...

im starting to gain some cash and im aiming at it real fast. maybe sls amg tu lmbt sikit la. but im aiming a merc in two years. and im really deadly serious. i'll tell you about it really soon. when are we gonna meet? we could do like a double date or something. and you could bring ija, or we could double date first and have girls day out later. but i really have something for you, and like i said, mercedes in 2 years.. for me la. ahaaaa. but lets hang out and talk about it :)

saraseyra ; said...

woah ! i'm already excited to hear about it. HAHA. double date sounds fun ;) but too bad. he only has leave on thursday. and i'll tell u all about it when we meet. what if we both meet and hang out together first and have the girls day out later. rase mcm there are so many things to talk about. haha ;D