Wednesday, July 23, 2008

future story

Had i lived a life worth telling?
Had a life a normal life?
Or extraordinary?
Had I even had a life?

Questions I may asked in the future.
When my grand daughter suddenly ask,
"granny, what was your life like?"

Then only I shall begin my story.

To think back. Yes, I lived a life. Just like every living creature do.
What did i do today? I watched Batman. It hit me there. How humans are easily fooled by a no one.
Even the greatest kind-hearts would slaughter for their owns. How easily the well-planned villains die because of their greed.

There i thought. We all carry the deadly sins. These that turns back against us. There i know. The devil only said the right words. It is our actions and need that condemn us.

I am trying as hard as I can to control me. But sometimes, a lot of things took over me. my ego, my greed, my lust, my emotions. Like every other human. Hey, why do you think John Lennon was shot? He didn't even know his killer.

All because of selfishness. All because human are selfish. I am too I admit. And when I saw the movie, I asked myself, what would I do if I was in the ferry? There it is just you and death. You decide. You do it yourself and bear the consequence. Nothing else helps you. Not your workers, not your bribed policeman, not your money, Not your fame. Just you. You choose to pull the trigger.

So lets not ask who is who or what is what. if my grand daughter ask me the question one day. i'll simply say;
"I lived a life full of good and bad. Just like you. Maybe for a different reason. Maybe a different content. But the same skeleton. Where sins run free and deeds are nearly extinct. Where I share my joy and tears and pray to god for peace and serenity. Where I play hard just to live another day"

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