Saturday, July 5, 2008

my ugly facts

Here I am.
Finally finding something to write about me.
Ive been doing some self-reflection.
Here's a true fact about me.
Facts that only those who study me knows.

Im an egoistic bitch.
My ego range from 40% to 70%.
Depending on the people.

I hate cute-actors.
Mind what i say.
I didnt mean cute looking people.
I meant people that always act cute.
If it were legal, I'd go kill them all.

I hate attention seekers.
They are always bitches.
They always want what's yours.

Im a jealous brat.
I get jealous all the time.
I only show it to certain people.
People I care especially.

I love to hate.
I can hate someone for stupid reasons.
Mostly related to my life.

I get annoyed easily.
Especially with those I really care
Also for simple reasons.
They always give me bigger troubles.

I love holding grudges.
It makes me grin with satisfaction.
it makes me seek for the best revenge.

I don't like lectures on who i should be.
I think they should go die.
Or maybe they should try lecturing themselves.

Im easily attract.
Sometimes it gives me trouble.
But natural attractions are hard to ignore.

I don't like people wandering around my belonging.
I don't feel safe when they do that.
I keep my belonging secure.

I easily feel threatened.
So i tend to not trust anyone.
It takes time for me to do that.

I hate guys that hit girls.
I think they are useless.
I think they don't deserve to have a girl.

I dont like my copy-cats.
It is annoying.
i don't see it as a compliment.
i see it as a disgrace.

I can change myself.
In order to keep my belongings.
but i won't change for a no-one.
It also takes time.
So fuck it, be patient.

I don't like waiting.
It always turns me off.
Only Nad has the best idea to get me on track.

I tend to repeat my mistake.
It is my weakness.
Please accept me as I am.
And please be aware that it's not always.

I hate threats.
They should just do it.
Rather than filling me with uncomfortable.

I love sorry.
But it's hard to swallow in.
I can't change in a second.

I can be okay when I feel like it.
So nobody pushes me.
Or it'll just worsen.

I try to be less jealous.
I should get trust.
I will in some time.
But please bare with me until I do.

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+MecHa+ said...

U facts..
hope these are the naked truth!