Wednesday, July 2, 2008

this wishlist

I just envied my own wallpaper. I found this beautiful picture of gretsch. a white falcon. well, gretsch are born to be lovely. But this is my wishlist. Its what i want. If i have this guitar, then i wouldn't ask for another guitar. haha. Okay fine. maybe another gretsch. But this is totally irresistable.

Would you just look at this precious thing. And having to see it but not touching it is even more painful. Gosh, when will i own it! haha. Fellas, this is gretsch. Don't ask me why it's so beautiful. It is made to be lustful. Im already lost of words. Anybody care enough to get me one? Haha. It only cost a couple thousands. Well, it's cheaper than a car for sure. Look at its every aspect. And wait till you hear it. Freggin, Why do people create such guitar in such expensive price?

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thediaryof_idan said...

OMG! i love it!!! <3