Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I woke up at 1 today. I woke up feeling good. It's been long since i really wake up late. My plan though, was just staying in bed. Only to find out a news that had me lost it. How do you know when you should let go of something? Or hold on to it? I know I can't be selfish. I can't forget easily. Should i try forgetting? His life and mine, we're standing on thread, that hangs 10feet above ground. He might save me, but he'll be unsure of his life. I can save him too, but I'll have to let go of him. Than I can be sure he's okay and I am. Physically, he'll be okay. Emotionally? I kept thinking about that. I even asked myself, will I be okay without him. I have no answers for my questions. I wish I'm spoon fed with the answers. But wishes don't always come true, don't it? And, i might regret what I wish for. My mind is working hard, but my body has stopped working. I am currently, in coma. I have no lust, my only want is to runaway to an island of strangers. I'm a coward am I? And I know I will regret running away. I just don't want to hurt a human being.

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