Thursday, November 20, 2008

my point

whoever is reading,
please note that, this is a post where i would just like to clear up all the dust inside my squeezed brain. It told me to let go of somethings, as it can no longer hold it in for me. Where should I start? Should I start from the meaning of friends to me? Acquaintance. To me, is a big thing. Knowing people is one thing. Befriending a person is another. I can say I'm a person that really cherish friendship. To me, there's no such word as fight or ignorance in friendship. But then again, not everyone shares the same dictionary. Yes, I just had one hell of a day. These last 2 weeks, I've been feeling gloomy. Maybe people didn't notice. I hope they don't. I intend to hide it. I have to admit I'm already getting tired. Wish i could find something to ooze me back. Being honest, a lot of things ought to put me right back on my conscious. Maybe It's just me that needs a little alone time. People are hard to satisfy. I know it as a fact. But I still try to satisfy as much people as I could. Not saying that I wanted to be in or steal the spotlight. I just love being around people. They usually would make me forget all my downs. Right now though, I'm not so sure. Did I say I needed to be alone? Well maybe I do. Maybe I just need a quick glance. Or maybe, I just need to find something really hard that would really booze me up =)

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Anonymous said...

wow! are you singing or just writing(and talking at the same time)..pen these words into lyrics..fabulous..

you dont need fiends..beleive me..cos you'r a survivor. Survivor can always find her way home..