Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Some facts and precautions on the Cunts virus:

  • Cunts are pretentious. They call themselves acquaintance but tries hard to make you fall flat.
  • Cunts steal your limelight just because you are the reason to fame and friends.
  • Cunts are prestigious actors. They can make a blur face when the incident gets worst.
  • Cunts are ugly. They love the ugly bits about you and they will sure to spread it like it's a sin not to.
  • Cunts are terribly annoying to the point that it's useless to even scream at their face.
  • Cunts have huge ego. They love to think they are like Gandhi, the peace warrior.
  • Cunts think they're wise. So wise they could tell the rights from all the wrongs in the world.
  • Cunts love your sleazy bad habits because it would make their stories sell up to the market.
  • Cunts love to make you look bad, because it will make them feel better. Thus, proclaiming themselves the neighborhood hero.
  • Cunts are filthy people. They get jealous at your achievements and they have the tendency to wanting to destroy your every pieces.
  • Cunts have medieval gestures. They go by the motto "I always get my trophy, therefore I am a winner". Sex Pistols didn't get a trophy, but they made history. Cunts will not be able to recognize that. They promote learning malfunction.
  • Cunts love to leave trails because they need a troupe of followers; so they can always lead.

If you happen to see Cunts wandering around, please contaminate yourself. It's virus could either kill, or bring you to living hell. Cunts are indestructable and the cure hasn't yet been found. To be in contact could be fatal. Please don't stay in touch with those affected. :)


+MecHa+ said...

Get ur own life la..
Real life!

Seyra28; said...

i am so loving this entry ;)