Tuesday, January 6, 2009


lets step away from this sidewalks and sway.
lets dive down deep in this unknown tales.
lets say our cheers and bury our solemn memories.
lets take the wheel and steer to a series of lost and founds

Because the rainbow's growing pale
and the rain falls as snow.
lets build a shelter where it blooms
where love spreads wild and its enemy extinct.

let the angels overtake.
let the devils vow to conviction.
let the shadow plays ends itself.
let there be no mask just pure hearts.
if there is still bits left of it, let it reborn to serenity.

because nobody refuse yet nobody puts a head up.
because the truth is known but never spoke off.
nobody admits being coward.
but hid beneath their luxury.
because nobody cares and everyone is blind.

lets turn a fresh page on this old-torn book.
let it be another story with a happy ending.
let it be hard to believe, let it be fairy tales.
lets not lost our souls to the those haunting creatures.
lets be the epitome of life in serenity.

i do not know what's on my head while writing. all i know is, the world has to much hatred to handle. let's give it a peace of mind. and now im a social activist. nah, im just saying. lets do more loving and less hating.