Tuesday, January 13, 2009

daily bits

I can say I'm quite driven today. I shockingly finish my assignment. Not just literally, but I took into account what I actually was writing about. Yes, I read the whole article, even took myself to an imaginary tour to the classical era and embellish my self with those fine lavish evening gowns walking down the aisle, riding the horse-carriage to the opera. I actually did that, all the way until my assignment reached the end. Then I went and have lunch. I skipped breakfast, since I woke up late. Then I thought of calling these two people, yes, the none other bestie and dinasour. But i guessed they wouldn't have gotten up yet. Since I live surrounded by people that live by the rule, "When the sun is right above your head, close your eyes and pretend it's night". Its shocking if either one would wake up so early when they have the whole day unplanned :)
So I dunk my ears in my headphone and listen to all the fast-paced, abrupt tempo changing songs on my playlist. I keep wishing I could play as good at that. Then I got tired of wishing. I got up, plugged in, and I was on my guitar. Only to find out that it badly needs a change of strings. We went along however. I practiced some songs, I listened to songs and tried to follow. Then praise myself just to boose my confidence. Comparing myself between minutes gaps. Trying hard to be better. Then I felt tired. So I took my bath. Then indulge myself in all those oils and lotions and soap. Whatever that sooths. Then, the sun sets and it's night. So now I am, again, writing. Before my eyes fall and it's time for bed and tomorow takes place. (:

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