Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It's 2.40 in the middle of the day. I'm still in bed. Bathed though and had my breakfast, which to me seem a little too awkward. Since if I'm at home, I don't eat until it's almost dawn. But yet here I am, in front of this screen, with ears filled with sound waves of Poison's Talk Dirty To Me. While my eyes, they cant stop glaring at the Pet Society's pet going back and forth. If you put it together, it looks like my pet and Bella's are dancing to the song. It's calming. Like watching the tiny ballerina figurine inside your music box dancing to the classic piano tunes. This morning I attempted to play Donnas's Fall Behind Me. Again, I was aspired by Staind's acoustic song, which I vulnerably forgot the title, and found myself a new tune, unfinished though. While I was writing this, I was talking to Tira, I somewhat miss her presence. The air isn't as the same colour since she left college. Unseemingly, I have nothing to update and talk and blurb about. Nothing as intersting than a result slip awaiting this Saturday. I guess I'm going to take my dose of lets-do-nothing pills until I got back to my senses. Or maybe I should take one of those placebo just so it could lie to my brain and tell me I'm perfectly fine and active. :)

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