Thursday, March 19, 2009

photo tags

Kak Aisyah tagged me using one that needs me to pick up a photo from my sixth photo album. The only deformation is that, it doesn't exist. I only have three albums and the rest are scattered for my easy-viewing. So here's the offspring of your tag :- a list of my favourite photos with a list of my life's VIP.
Fav photo of mom and dad.
Taken during the visit to Strawberry Farm in Korea last year.
I prefer a photo of them holding new-born me in their arms. But I couldn't get the photo scanned to the net :)

Fav photo with sibs.
Also in Korea.

Fav photo with cousins.
Snapped during Aina's birthday celebration in Curve.

Fav photo with friends.
This was Kutthroat on the way to Melaka.

My favourite family photo.
This was Raya last year in my grandparent's house.

And this has always been my favourite self picture
Macx took it on the rooftop of Carefour

So there. My precious photos shared. This moments aren't repeatable so this photo helps me remember and reminisce the times I've had with the people I love.

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Dyan said...

eehhhh sukanye gamba yang u sorg tu hahah lawa :O