Saturday, March 21, 2009

staring through

a blank face. a puzzled face. eyes that stared so deep it choked it's beholder to minutes to end. eyes that glare but sees nothing. lips that churn but swallowed a vacuum. Expressive facial muscle but undetermined by nature. the sound of air was heard, yet no breathing took place. A live body but a dead soul. Strong knees now unused and folded. Feeble and vulnerable with no lust to walk nor stand. A scream that fades in a tick no ears could detect. A visible wound camouflaged with skin. Ears that listen but no words made through. A sense to touch, yet nothing felt. An urge to breakdown, but couldn't, wouldn't squeeze its way out. Adrenalin that shoots straight up, held back by the leftovers of sanity. An image of a searching, lost little kitten. An image derived from the peace and chaos that were fighting for a place, a space in the little, timid body. A perfect picture of an insane outburst.

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