Thursday, July 9, 2009

larger than life

I probably am late in writing about him, and probably amongst the billions. But I think I finally have found what I really had to say about the King of Pop. Having to view his memorial service, just confined me, he had befriended the world, and he was big at heart. He was a star, making millions and affording luxuries, yet he gave to those in deep need. He could've talked about his success, yet he spread messages about peace, about unity. He was the largest humanitarian. He didn't do deeds to gain spreads in the press, but he truly reach out to every individual, in ways we never would have realised. Though some hated him for that, he never stopped fighting. Though he was badly misjudged, he smiled until no anguish could be sensed. Although he was flooded with bad feedbacks, he never despise those who started it. The things he did, the strength he possessed, really had made him a hero. And I, am just one of the sea of people that was inspired by his actions. His meaningful music, his body language on stage, his activities to spread humanity will forever be continued, by the children he had helped in giving a better future. He will forever live as a hero, an icon, an inspiration deep down in our hearts core. There's a better way to look at this lost. Maybe god took him early, so that he will no more have to endure the pain he hid from the world.
Without you, there'll be no such thing like moonwalk.

"We Could Fly So High
Let Our Spirits Never Die"
-Heal the World

We love you MJ, you'll forever be our inspiration

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Aysha said...

aww sedih. :( dengan lagu ni lagii.uhuu