Monday, July 13, 2009


If you've been with me. You would know that I obsess on something called Thunderbird. The first time I saw it in the television, that purple classic convertible with a soaring-wings-shaped hood. I fell in love with it. Immediately. I asked my mom, what's it called this car? Cause when I was five, I only knew of 3 cars. That is a red Volvo we cruised in in Manchester, the Mercedes that grew up with me, and the old Toyota my grandpa drives. Mom confidently said, that has to be Thunderbird. My brain copied that with a small note attached- i am going to own this car one day. So I never thought of searching it on the internet. I barely knew how to use it at that age. Up until today. Because Mom says its a Thunderbird. For the first time I searched on this obsession's images. Just to find exactly what model it is. To find out, the Ford Thunderbird, looks nothing like what I saw when I was five. And got devastated. So I searched on all the classic convertibles. I didn't know why but Chevy crossed my mind. So I ogle for it on Wikipedia. There it was. The 1959 Chevy Impala Convertible. Well it somehow have the features of my dream car. But not quite right. So i ogled again and there it was, the '59 Cadillac Coupe Deville convertible. Gosh I I'm going to own it one day. For a second there I thought I could happily sing "in the backseat of my chevrolet". Eventhough technically it's a two-seater. But well, Cadillac here I come. Maybe if Im a gazillionaire I'd buy that 59 Chevy as well :)

So meet Chevy. Disney's Cars designed one of their cars to look like this. Except that it's purple. I thought it was the one. Than I found the other one.

The '59 Cadillac Coupe Deville Convertible. Gorgeous right? Im gonna have one in purple :)
Look at its tail.

Look at those tail flaring. Smokin' hot. And mine's going to be just like that. Only in Purple :)

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::bellabyss:: said...

wow finaaaa.... oldskol gila kete ni.. me likey.. nnti i nak tumpang skali yer :P dlm cartoon byk kn kete mcm ni... comel je