Saturday, March 6, 2010

Of a week

This week is like compressed gas in the smallest tank you could ever imagine, placed in the highest temperature possible. This week is explosive suicide. This week is everyday assignments, meaning, clipped eyes on the laptop, googling and yahoo-ing researches and copying sources, eccetera. Group meetings, classes, which is non-avoidable. Fine, maybe I could, but informations are crucial here. Then there's renewing my license, which brought me to waking up at 0730 with maximum 5hours of sleep, mark that down, MAXIMUM. Usually it's less, considering I always take time constructing dreams and rummaging my mp3 lists. Then there's guitar practice, which I try to squeeze in everyday and band practice which is also a wee-bit above danger line. Since my foxy drummer had to work, we had to train a new one to replace her on this Sunday's gig and I missed yesterday's practice because my license's dead and I was dead, energetically.Is that a word? Well but everything better than nice requires hard work right? So I'm gonna go for it. 

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