Saturday, March 20, 2010

night lights

If there is anyway to ease, I'd find myself a pair of wings.
Fly myself to see the city skyline.
Indulging the night lights and fireflies.
Watch how busy they are on their two feets,
in the night markets and the seaside
Edging tall buildings,
of which in may lay a story of another.
Then after I would fly myself,
to a red brick building, to the very top
Where as I child I used to play,
behind the bushes and the ladybugs,And I would lay my back on the grass,
and take a deep breath of the after rain,
Let it down my throat, let the brain interprets,
Put my coat on and walk the pavement.
Feel the bits and pieces in my very sole.
Go along with my feet's own desire.
Until it wears out, and takes themselves to a comfy cushion.
Behind the fire place, behind lines of glass.
Watching the skyline, from far, from my eyes
From home, from the light's embrace.

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