Monday, December 1, 2008

winter wardrobe

So I went shopping with the family. Yes we did. Just to look for winter coats. Ow, and don't forget the earmuffs. Its the only thing I'm super excited about finding. Lol. Though I have to say. From last Wednesday to today, Ive been to Sunway for like 4 times? I almost can tell you where every shop is. =D

Here's the funny part. Me and Amjad (the all grown up brother) got so bored waiting for Mama to pay we had to find something to prevent us from dozing off. So here is what we did.

Yes, we were trying on apparels and sadly just posing with it. lol.

So come Tifa (the little sister oftenly mistaken as twins). so she joined us. haha.

Okay, so Mama took us to Ichiban Ramen. yeah, I only at eyh.... ebi something. But my drink was delicious. watermelon+green tea. =D

Yeah, I was going round and round.I also had a crush on a guitar I saw there, esp ltd
EX-260. Yes baby, it's my new obsession. I wish. O, how I wish, i would afford to own it.

So I had myself filled with the dreams of owning it. Yeah, I've not much to say anyway.

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tifa said...

finally dpt pon msk gmba tuh.. ^^