Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I wish I could come up with a title

So there it was written. Holidays mean rests. Well, I hate given rests. Oh somehow I miss knowing what my good friends are doing and how they've been. Ask me what I'm doing. Im doing fine. My band is moving at top speed which is bizarre. So I am great. Apart from the stinging ache around my waist thanks to hormonal changes. I don't usually put up with period pains. But this ache, they love kissing my bones. Not good for me at all. I often wish I could clench them and twist them so they'd produce the "crack" sound and I could go Oooo-la-la mi vida i complita. Seriously right now, it's how I feel. Oh well, college is starting soon enough. Catching-up moments, I won't miss. But I think the real break-point here is... the results. Oh how I wish I am Beethoven right now. Or whoever who created the four-part writing. Why do you have to make it so confusing? My wires are at hayes here.

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+MecHa+ said...

Good for you babe!