Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bold Notice

To whom ever it may concern. I appreciate that you love to jot down notes on my topsy turns of life. Well here is my advice. You can and I can never stop you from wandering how I am doing. But to make it easier. I am happy and content with how I'm living. what I'm doing. And there's a reason why the past is called P-A-S-T. So quit worrying about it. Leave myself to handle myself. And here's one big fat obvious clue. You can never be apart of what I am doing. I have my family and TRUE friends and boyfriend (if this concerns you a lot) and obviously there is no you. So thank you. I appreciate that you love my way of life or anything that slids in it. And you can tell the world what my past is. But you are a nobody to tell me about anything in my present and future life.

a nobody can never jeopardise me.

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