Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Love, a rock song

Love is like an active volcano.
Nobody knows when it erupts but everyone gets ready for the worse. And when it's lava touches the ground, massive damage will be done and chaos strikes the ground. But the aftermath of the survivors are greater. The lava gives the soil enough protein for plants to grow healthy. Seriously, there's no avoiding fights in love. But if you survive it, then a better return is what you'll get.

Love is like mixed chocolate sold at the supermarket.
You can pick your favourite box. But you can't choose to only want the raisin choc and throw away the almond fillings. There's a solution to chocolates though, you can just by the single flavor. But hey, there's no such thing as single-flavoured human. There's always that something you like and a few you despise. And the only solution is finding the chocolate box with the most favourite flavour of yours. And just just savour the few flaws..

Love is like your new found favourite dish.
Once you've taste it, you want it everyday. It'll be your breakfast, tea time, lunch, dinner and supper. And you'll tell yourself you can never get bored of it. Until eventually the taste buds gets sick of it. But you can never hate this dish. After a few distinct dishes, you'll eventually go for the favourite dish again. The only difference is, you can't have variety of dishes in love at that time gap of taste-bud-healing. Maybe fasting, or diet is a better option to go for.

Love is like a rock song.
It starts like a roller coaster thumping your heart, you just feel the urge to jump and fly.
(That's the first half of a relationship)
Then there's the lyrics where you really listen to so you could understand the song better.
(That's when you get serious and get to know each other)
Then there's the chorus that keeps repeating.
(That's where you keep reminding each other of your love)
Then it gets complicated with the chords accompanying a tremendous solo.
(That's the argument point)
Sometimes they make it long and as messed up as it can be. Sometimes they keep it short.
But they all eventually dissolve and your heart would thump again, in a very different notion from the beggining.
(That's when you start a fresh new phase of a relationship. It will never be the same as how it started.)


saraseyra ; said...

OMG ! i love this entry ;D

Aysha said...

like it ;)

afinatales said...

thanx guys. i think we all agree on it. aha

Aina said...

hear hear ;)