Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time gap

I just got sucked in by a time machine. And hey, surprise, surprise. Just as I was about to enter near future the machine jammed. So my body's stuck in between present and soon-to-be. I guess you can guess that I'm doing my deed of killing silence. My afternoon class got cancelled, without notice. So the only thing I am capable of doing, is blogging. I still have another two full hours to go before my other class starts. I keep telling my brain to work. I think I got swallowed by the slouch disease. Everything I do seems to be in slug speed. I want to finish off college real soon and am constantly cursing on the fact that I am not progressing accordingly. Urgh, I need to learn to learn. My progress meter has dropped excessively, I used to produce wide smiles. Now I feel like I am falling in the speed of light and nearly have the stone-cold pavement on my face. Somebody prescribe me learning pills please.

1 comment:

Aysha said...

thnx fina.really :)
you hang in there too okay?