Friday, September 4, 2009


1. A song you never get bored of:
Velvet Revolver's Slither. It pumps your adrenaline way to the tip of your brain and makes it goes down like a roller coaster in you vein. I like the part where we can scream, "HEY!"

2. A song you listen most to at the moment.
Humanity. Because the world really needs more love. Seriously, random wars shouldn't exist and the innocent deserve their right to live and do their deeds.

3. Your theme song.
For the moment it would be, Girls Made Of Heavy Metal by Hysterica. I'm a proud supporter of all-girls band. Especially the rough and sexy :) haha.

4. A song that sends chills to your spine:
It has to be You Raise Me Up. my hair stands straight everytime I sing it in choir, like it automatically sends thousands of flying needles to your heart.

5. A song you love singing to:
I sing to the songs I know. But if I had to pick a favourite, I would say The Donnas's Fall Behind Me.

6. A song you wished you could sing and perform:
That has to be I Fought The Law, Big Dirty Band's version. Because Care Failure looks smokin' hot in the clip. And I don't mean the lady-like hot. I mean the rock version. But my voice sucks I know...Moving on :P

7. A song you're proud of:
Southeast Skies and Khianati Kejora. haha. Ofcourse this, it's my band's songs. It's SHEWOLVES.

8. A song you would put on your blog at this moment:
White Flag by Dido. Though I don't intend of putting any at this moment. But Dido's nice. I love Dido.

9. A song you wished you created:
I wished I wrote Looks That Kills. haha. Although, it obviously is a guy's perception of a girl. Who cares, I still wish it was me who wrote it.. ah.. the wish that will never ever come. Next question.

10. A song from your childhood:
You Gotta Be by Desiree. I think I first heard it from Dad's stereo. Since he loved the light 'n' easy station. But it's a spirit lifter up till today.

11. A song for Friday night:
Friday Night by Lily Allen. Hah, this was a good one.

12. A song you listen to secretly:
Doesn't make sense but.. I secretly love jazz. Oh now it's not a secret. It never was anyway.

13. A song you're listening to:
Desiree's You Gotte Be. You know I used to think it was Shania Twain's song

14. A song you never thought you'd like:
Die Mannequin's Happy. Did I? Nah... I've always loved rock songs. and the 90's and the 80's and jazz.

15. A song to describe you:
I have no idea what song would be able to describe me.

16. A song on your phone:
Rusty Nail made famous by X-Japan. It's my ringtone. After I changed it because the previous ringtone was similar to Mecha's and we got confused on whose phone is ringing :P

17. A favourite live-performed song:
I have a few, but I love Guns'n'Roses live Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll. I think it was performed together with the Chinese Democracy uncompleted album... wait... I think so. I'm not so sure.

18. A movie soundtrack:
How Do I live Without You, the theme song for Con-Air. The movie made me cried. What? He was so determined to see his wife and daughter.

19.A song you would listen before you go to bed:
Leaving On A Jet Plane. It's nice to have some calm tunes that soothes the earbuds before leaving reality and stepping into dream world.

20. A song you would always remember.
Selena's Dreaming Of You. I've liked it since I was 7.

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ezzarawkaferry said...

i love that movie too..