Monday, September 7, 2009

Dawn of a new day

And every life starts when you open your eyes so early in the morning. Well I woke up a few minutes before afternoon. But I slept at 5 so it wasn't that bad. Then had a slight heart attack. blame my fingers for so-oh-willingly clicking that web page and getting drowned in excessive, unneeded deteriorated feelings. Resentment. But hey, it's only a beginning right? And I had my share of life and that talk I never thought I would get the chance to have. So everything is fine with me. And I believe more than everything now that god is being fair to those who are being patient and never gives up one's hope on Him. And my friends are being the pillar I need to stand still, to never push me aside and always making space for me. So I am thankful, that life has its fair agenda on me. And I know we have to make the best out of anything given. So life chose to give me a setback. And if the only thing I could do is patiently penetrate it, then I would give my best so. And since time can't be bent, then let it be mend. I would stitch it into a fine thing that will give a future helping hand. I learned, and still am. And the present tells me enough fact the life is beautiful. Embrace it, and it will give it's gift to you.

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Aysha said...

good to read when you write like this.
and remember,life is beautiful.
if you dwell on the bad things,you will miss the good things in life. ;)
so cherish every moment you is too short.