Saturday, September 26, 2009


A day out with cousins has always been my favourite. Yeah, me, my sister, Ija and Sara went with the heels and dress theme to One Utama yet again. I'm driving this time so it's pretty different from our previous outings. And there were the craves, and temptations for (read as fast as you can) Gladiators, Heels, more heels, a bag I wanted to replace the existing, tones of dresses, BIKINI, which I want for no reason at all, the lingeries, accesories- from earings to beads and plain nothingness, t-shirts, jeans. Owh, and the emergency case of super glue to mend our heels. My feet are badly in need of rest.

But it was fun, the only thing we were lacking were money and time. There were the gossips and the talking and the mind reading that says "I saw what you saw but I saw it first so I own it" -in a friendly manner and absolutely zero heart scratch. I enjoyed it much. Very much. Isn't it a breeze to see how much we have grown, and how our bonds grow with it. I would trade them for nothing, nothing at all. I realise I have deeply fallen in love with these angels, and they are never worth my tears. Because I would never want to or have to cry for them-over them. How I caress myself, that would be the only way I would caress them. They came up with a story.

Wouldn't it be fun if we live next to each other and we could borrow stuffs and give them back any time of day. And would pack our bags and leave when we fight...stop... we never fought. We don't feel it's worthy as the love we build. And that's how we live. That's how we know how we care about each other. Yes, I am glad I have all of you as my family. Much love :)

P/S: Send me photos please those who have it :D

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