Friday, September 11, 2009


After two years of blogging, this is finally my 100th post. When actually, I've typed in more. But they got rejected by my dashboard and some stays unpublished to my liking. Life has been a breeze.

And to celebrate this episode of peace comes exhaling the rusted coil that has long separate the beauty of life, I cast rejoice to the love that finally won the war.

I put a totem, for the petals that fell dead will remain memories of the new-birth and be reborn.

And the scars that marks itself eternally, will be a reminder of the cause.

And the enemies bound like parasites will never be neglected but marks as hazardous to the healing soldiers.

And I present the rest to the undertaker, to bury the sorrow and fears before the sun sits down upon its knees.

I vow my prayers. And hope He knows my appreciation and apology.

Apology, for I once neglect the creator, when He never neglects his creation.

And the everlasting celebration, before more battles and rage shows, will be faced with courage at heart, and help from above.

And suffering at stake before savouring nirvana, is the only right way to live and to not take it for granted.

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::bellabyss:: said...

huwaaaa.afina.. mane u? rindu u.. hehe me x dtg plak..:P