Tuesday, January 12, 2010

At par and sharing


Human should respect each other and there's a way to talk to people and there's right, decent way to warn.Do it right, and you'd be surprise at the outcome. Also, it's just the fact that we live under the same sun, the same sky, and evidently inhale on each other's breath. People should be treated at par and given the same chance to shine and grind. Because we all fall, and we all stand tall, and we don't want to be blamed by others for their lost. I'm not serving mankind, they can never be served. Not without drowning in the storm of the seven sins. No, I'm just serving myself. That and my responsibilities, and the loved ones dear to me.


Here are some quotes I like from a few songs I've heard, some of them really whack the hell out of me. Geniuses are they.

"When you're high you never ever wanna come down" - Guns n Roses, Welcome to the Jungle

"Why can't I steer the ship before it hits the storm, I've fallen into the sea but still I swim for shore" -Skid Row, In a Darkened Room

"Before you tell yourself it's just a different scene, remember it's just different from what you've seen" - Stone Sour, Through the Glass

"If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change" -Micheal Jackson, Man in the Mirror

"You don't have money or a fancy car and you're tired of wishin' on a falling star, you gotta put your faith in a loud guitar" - KISS, God Gave Rock n Roll to you

The last one, has got to be
"Beware what stalks you in the night, beware the she wolf and her bites"
-Megadeth, She wolf


Conan Qursany said...

terima kasih afinatales kerana menarik balik artikel tu..

saya tak dengar lagi konsep muzik yang 'shewolves' bawa tu, tapi saya nak cadangkan satu lagu,'GATES OF HELL - dari band HOLYHELL'

kalau dapat bawa lagu tu memang best!

wannaz said...

hi,,im wan from metalx studio,,on behalf of my studio and rockapak.org,,,we apologize for wat happen to yr band on 'sesi terjah' last friday,,things beyond control,,im not around while yr band perform,,but i did ask why yr band play 1 song only remember? pls no hard feeling,,human makes mistake,,btw im a fan of yr band,,i'll be glad if yr band can collaborate wit Metalx entertainment soon be launch,,hope everythings clear,,,keep on rockin' girls,,,bye,,,

afinatales said...

haha yeahh... we apologize for any mishaps we cause. what's past is past. haha lagipun, kite semue are under the same music influence and we're all trying to have fun through it. so yeahhhh...no heart feelings :)

rock on guys :D