Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Strut it

The way people dress is never really a big deal. As long as they dress appropriately. Ofcourse it would be weird if you wear bikinis to college. NOW THAT IS WEIRD. If it's only people who happens to be strutting styles different than you but nevertheless still applicable for public institutions, than that is life. Plus college says it's okay as long as it's within the rules. Sandals, boots, sneakers they're all shoes. Dress, torn jeans, studded belts, skirts, vest, thery're all clothing. and they are accepted in all places. Well, unless it highlights there it don't. Red lipsticks, dramatic eyeshadow, cherry blushers they're all make ups and college never say make up is prohibited. If you want to look like a drag queen so be it, it really is your choice. Plus, being a student in my college for two years now, I am totally aware that the way we dress are diverse, and the students make the college looks like a game of fashion. It really is that way and it looks good that way, brings out the life. So seriously, comparing high school and college is a big no-no. Who does that? Ofcourse it's a big difference. If you want it to be the same, opt for STPM. It's a better option if you love criticizing people so much. Hay-down, sooner you'd still have to face the fact that individuals are plain different and unique. The way they dress more or less tells a story of themselves. It's not the public's fault if you're life's a bore despite being rich. Wait, most private college students, do come from rich families. So there. Criticizing people's way of defining themselves will never make you look more civilized or smarter. Seriously, those crazy smart people with brains the size of tank, don't care about how they look. So why criticize? It does make you look cool...if you're a fashion police who has been in the industry several years. Since you're not,
stop judging and start accepting.

I am a normal college scene
Welcome to college ex-highschool-er.