Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am pretty much excited on doing everything. Yes, I have set my goal that high and my energy at maximum storage and my spirit, they are soaring. Last evening, I was practically counting seconds to reach home after college. First on mind, guitar. I wanted to practice so bad on my scales and getting it improved.So got everything settled, plugged in and went to hit the lights. Lights-out, dead fluorescent. Perfect timing. Yes I depended on mom's table lamp which gives the worst headache. Then decided it's annoying enough and went for my photo assignments. Searching photos on the internet- I had fun, going through pictures of bands and everything I can relate to heavy metal, music. Today, decided to give a head start on mass comm assignment, magazine articles. Went to Revolver, only to realise there's lots of interviews, but none suitable enough to summarize and make use in my assignments. So guess I'd have to hit the bookstores tomorrow, or maybe just rummage through my pile of old magazines. So much for wanting a head start. As lot articles as there is, I still stand by my tight jeans and torn shirts which says, "Im a heavy metal head". And so my assignments would represent them as much possible :)My photo assignment is going, on limitations. My camera is between basic and advanced it just don't have both the basic features and the advanced one that I need to complete them. Also need to borrow a DSLR for another assignment. Talk about time management, they just won't let me.

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