Thursday, January 7, 2010

Old and Wild

Since college decided to reopen a week later than I thought, I had plenty of time to browse through bands and rediscovering records I had left dusty in my brain wicked tunes storage. So here goes my list of current band I've reloaded to my eardrums, and needless to say they're nothing new, they're as a fact some old 80's recordings which by far are still wild.

Iron Maiden.
(gotta love 'em they're the shit)
Motley Crue

Phantom Blue
(these women kick balls)


Skid Row

I can never grew tired of any of these people. Although as for now my song lists would've been those of Helloween, Crashdiet and Faster Pussycat. Well most of the songs are, I could list more but that would go a long way. And hey, who could ever forget this:

Who could ever forget these boys during their youth.

P/s: If you don't like any of them, then I'm sorry we just live in a total alienated world

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