Sunday, December 21, 2008


I actually am writing because.. well, the web connection suddenly got slow.Rolling Eyes Which, is quite devastating. Since I was watching Rich Girl Poor Girl and I almost hit the end when it suddenly freezes. Gosh, I swear it always turns me off. I woke up at four today. Fine, a few minutes before four, but I only came to my conscious and get my butt up at seven past four. I know because I checked my cell. Don't mention about getting up late. I slept at five in the morning. So, in considering everything that I am about to do is about to turn me off because of this lazy connection, I decided to write. Quite honestly, my brain contains zero raw facts to write. My stomach's sore. Put it into detail, the muscles are sore. probably from walking a lot. or standing a lot? I am not sure why. I slept more than I should have but I'm still tired. Yeah, I feel like I'm doing nothing today. Yesterday though, I did a lot. Well not a lot. Just put it this way, yesterday was quite fun. So I went to Rock the World. Not that it was bombastic. But some scenes slid in it were! Purple Smiles So right now, I thought of it at some moment, and force myself to rewind it and play it back just for the entertainment of my head. I even force myself to pause to recall the tiny detail. Yeah, right now my ears are so puffed in my headphones the only sound it hears are the sound wave that came out from my radio. So whoever is talking to me during this few minutes I am writing, deep apology. I think you do notice my headphones.

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Atira. said...

lol of course you're tired!
you overslept!


happens to me all the time. xD