Tuesday, December 16, 2008

cute is for korea

yes baby! Cute is Korea. It almost describes everything. I spy, cute Korean toddlers, cute cakes, a number of cute guys =D, cute couples, cute cars, cute boots, and several others i think i forgot about. My side job for the week- a not so successful photographer. I did capture nice pixies though. Or so it is what i think.
<--This, is what im trying to show. such a cutie. Apparently as it seems, this boy seems to prefer chasing after the pigeons rather than looking at me. Such a sad thing. But im surrounded by cute toddlers, so i wouldnt mind much. XD

Big dissapointment, no snow. I am a bit relieved because i went to the ski resort and went to the middle of the skiing range- its like locking yourself in the freezer. Worse. i can't feel my fingers, my toes felt like they just broke and I didn't notice. Im freezing and longing for a hot towel. So i gave up and ran back inside. Not as warm as i thought it would be. I wanted to run back to the hotel room, but I ended up waiting for them to finish.

see that is me and the skiing stuff. i am wearing--->

3 layers of clothes and it still feels so cold, no, its freezing.

On the first day we only went skiing. I was hanging on on caffeine as I didn't get enough sleep. The second day there, was a sightseeing and heavy walking on Mount Sorak. It actually is quite beautiful. I actually lost words. I'll just paste pictures I took on the scenes. You should see. The sky is blue. Really blue!

Clockwise from left: a view of Seoul from a mosque high above ground, the ski resort, Mount Sorak, roof of the empire's palace; with dragon carved on it, looks like a Tiki, i do not know what it is until now, the mountain at the ski resort.

So. I went strawberry picking, went to the fish market, went to eat its waffles, which is so tempting, i ate it over and over again. Talk about food, you've got to see the cakes.

<--- This is cute.

On top of the fact that its purple.
Its cute. It gets better!

Now this cake down here. I use to have it. My mom made it for me when i was two.. Or three.

Yeah well, The most exciting part is the Seoul Tower. Its such a pretty thing up there. You should see. I'll go up there someday, again. There's like couples and families everywhere. Well, nothing weird about that obviously, only that they gave you a penny for the thought. A kind of feeling where you feel like embracing someone so tight you don't want to let them go, then just stare at the lights below from above. Just like heaven, almost.


Nadiah said...

those cute cakes are for display ke dorang tu edible?

Aina said...

cool. i take it your trip to korea is awesome :) so ... what's the cuties name? how can i contact him, them? :P anyway, did you go skiing? skiing is fun! :) and i felt the same way when i went to nz. i was cursing on the inside. my hands were so bloody freezing and i have no gloves! it was awful, kan?

afinatales said...

its edible.

Atira. said...

korea looks fun!!