Friday, December 5, 2008

Flipping coin

I am standing on cloud nine today. There's a rush of air going through my whole veins. I feel so light, I almost believe i can fly. A sense of happiness some might say. I am jubilant! More than just normal happy. I can find and write down every single word that would fit the word "happy", but it will never really describe what my red pumping muscle is actually feeling. It is a bit silly though, I sort of had this really down moments, and in a few hours later, no traces of sadness are left inside me. Okay, maybe some little dusts. it doesn't matter anyway, it makes you somehow appreciate the things that are held in your fist. It also reminds you not to be so greedy to want every possible thing ever existed in this small beautiful world. Yes, my eyes did view the scenes of ups and downs. So my mind stored somewhere in it's memory cells a few reminders. The reminder that used most memory blocks were the reminder to realize that everything really do happen for a reason whether laid in front you or hiding between those sorrows of yours. No matter how bad a situation might just seem, there's always something good to crack out of it. My mind stored this information in the "important notices file". Just to make sure I will never abruptly delete it. Whether my conscious is calling or not, My mind will always store it for my later use.

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