Friday, December 19, 2008

a long night

Yesterday was a story to tell. As tales and tales and reasons begin to show. Scenes by scenes maps itself on the new page which now is old. I wouldn't describe one by one. Because somehow, somethings are better left with the eye of the beholder. Those who experienced will know, and would somehow relate to my ill words. I would say it's a long night, but when it almost come to an end, you embrace it so tight. Making it hard to let go. There's a reason for every tale that happened. There is something to learn out of it and something to appreciate. I appreciate more now of what I have. I guess i stumbled, I fell face first to the ground. I just got slightly lucky that I have people that are willing to stretch their hands out for me. People may say I am sick. Truth be said, I am just human like you are. we are all preys and predators in our own way and in our own needs. I would look filthy to some, but i still know there are people who love me. We all have. I said it before, people are hard to satisfy. No advantage taken. I am learning each and every second, and for what had happened, I had cherished those who were beside me during ups and downs.

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