Thursday, December 25, 2008

sister abuse

I'm ashamed to be the one to tell this part of the story. Especially knowing it had happened to my best friend. Fuck, she's more than just a friend, people even mistook us as twin. Mind my bad language, but I'm so full of rage. What kind of a brother hits his little sister with a cane and golf stick just to show off your so-called ego? What kind of a brother lets his sister scream in vain and holding the pain when you're enjoying it? What kind of a brother tortures his sister and made her look like a maid? A sick one I would conclude. I feel like I wanted to take this brother out and do the exact same thing he did to Nad. He don't deserve to have a sister. Just because your parents leave you in charge doesn't mean you could monopoly everything sucker. If you're a man, be gentle at it. As far as I know, she only left home because you treated her like a servant. You made her wash your clothes, clean the house hold, cook for every meal, and yell at her when she abruptly blocks your view from the television. Dear "brother", you are so full of shit you don't deserve to have a family. You don't even know how to take care of them. I know, I watched. The last time I walk in that house, it smelt so stale I had to puke. You left the chairs everywhere, the television open and your laptop in the middle of the hall. No wonder it was stolen. You are so irresponsible you should put the blame on yourself. You don't appreciate when we, yes WE clean it up for you! Yet, you still want to show how manly you are, by locking me, yes ME inside. Hello loser, Im not part of your family. Don't you feel ashame a stranger had to clean your mess?? You're uncivilized. You're ill-mannered. You're sick. Even a psychopath would have better manner. So people, If you are a brother, please, no violence. Who do you think you are? It's human we're talking about.


Aina said...

omg, i feel you, couz. what a jackass.

Nadiah said...

wth? kak nad kne pukol? pity her~